About Mike

Mike was surrendered by a local farmer who could not provide him with the appropriate medical care needed to save his life. Mike had deformities in his two front legs that were treated immediately at MSU with extensive physical therapy. While he was there, doctors noticed that Mike also had cataracts in both eyes. While performing the cataract removal surgery, it was discovered that Mike was already blind in one eye that the retina in his seeing eye was slowly deteriorating. This meant that, eventually, Mike would be completely blind.

Though retina reattachment surgery was an option, MSU was uncomfortable performing the procedure as it had never been done on a cow before. The Barn Sanctuary team was able to find a doctor in Pasadena, CA who was willing to perform the surgery. With a 50/50 chance for success, it was the best opportunity we had to give Mike the highest quality of life possible, so we drove him to California for the surgery. It was unfortunately not a successful procedure, so Mike is entirely blind. However, he gets around just fine, even without the help of his seeing eye buddy, DJ.

Even though Mike doesn’t need DJ’s help to get around, he does appreciate his friendship. The two are inseparable, never seen far from one another, even when out on pasture. They snuggle together to sleep and have even been caught spooning. Though Mike is blind, his life at Barn Sanctuary is a happy one. It is possible that Mike will encounter health issues down the road as a result of the underlying conditions that led to his previous troubles. Help us ensure that we can continue to provide Mike with the medical care and attention he deserves by sponsoring this handsome boy!

Your gift of compassion goes towards helping to care for one lucky boy. With a sponsorship of $50/month, we will send a personalized card with your animal’s name, picture and story!