About Little Dude

Meet the “Little Dude”! He arrived at Barn Sanctuary only four days old with a bacterial infection in one of his back hooves. The runt of the litter, Little Dude was found by a woman who noticed the bites on his leg while touring a farm. His siblings had begun chewing on his leg, and the wound and bone underneath was infected. With little hope left for survival, the woman convinced the farmer to let her take him. She called us, and the rest is a happier history.

Little Dude went to multiple vet hospitals within his first two weeks at Barn Sanctuary. He wore a cast on his back leg but his cheerful piglet attitude never wavered. In his final vet visit, the piece of infected bone was removed from his leg so it wouldn’t spread and his wound started slowly healing.

We started calling him “Little Dude” in anticipation that a better name for him would become clear. Turns out, Little Dude might be the name we were looking for, and it’s certainly the name that everyone grew to know him and love him as.

Now that Little Dude found a home at Barn Sanctuary he can live without suffering or neglect, with all four of his legs.

The fight to create the best quality of life for him is not over. For a small monthly fee, please help us ensure Little Dude will remain healthy over time.

Your gift of compassion goes towards helping to care for one lucky pig. With a sponsorship of $30/month, we’ll send a personalized card with your animal’s name, picture, and story!