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A young Holstein calf, Andy was caught in a barn fire in Ohio. The night of the fire, Andy busted through the barn wall and survived. He had second-degree burns all over his body, covering his right side and ears and several cuts on him. His previous caretakers tended to his wounds for a while but eventually, his therapy and medical requirements became too much for them to manage. Andy would lay for such long periods of time that his muscles in his front legs weren’t able to develop normally so he started having trouble standing and walking with bowed front legs. They called Barn Sanctuary in the hopes that we could tend to Andy and give him his best shot at a full recovery.

On April 28th, 2018 we drove to Ohio to pick him up and immediately took him to the closest large vet hospital for a checkup to make sure his condition would allow us to make the long trip to Michigan State University Large Animal Hospital. Once we brought him to MSU, the recovery process began. He now lives full-time at the sanctuary where our care team watches and works with him every day. Andy gets baths, physical therapy and medical treatment for his wounds daily. His road to recovery looks very bright. His burns are healing and he wears braces to help him regain the strength to stand and walk on his front legs.

Andy passed away in 2018. His monthly donations go toward building a memorial garden for Andy and all the animals we have lost and will lose.

Your gift of compassion goes towards helping to care for one lucky steer. With a sponsorship of $50/month, we will send a personalized card with your animal’s name, picture and story!

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