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Dan McKernan, Founder & Executive Director

Dan is a seasoned technology and design professional who has built websites and apps for health/fitness companies, nonprofits, technology startups and more. He has worked on projects for Special Olympics International, Special Olympics Unified Relay, Mandela Kids, Boy Scouts of America, and Camp Fire USA.

Dan has hand on experience with farm animals after attending Farm Sanctuary’s Farm Animal Care Conference and is still in contact and guidance from Susie Coston, Farm Sanctuary’s National Shelter Director. He is passionate advocate for animal welfare, environmentalism, and a plant based diet.

Dan studied Biology at Quincy University.

Tom McKernan, Co-founder & Operations Director

Owner of McKernan Farm, Tom is an active member of the Chelsea community. A former pharmacist, Tom is now the Township Supervisor for the township of Sylvan. Tom grew up on McKernan Farm when it was simply a family farm. He has hands on experience taking care of farm animals when growing up.

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Kelly Holt, Marketing/Community Outreach Director

Kelly is a former entrepreneur who launched and ran a publication for 3+ years before transitioning from media to branding and marketing. In her diverse marketing career, she helped launch 4 brands (1 internationally), ran campaigns alongside larger companies like Yeti and KIND bars, planned and hosted quarterly event series’, and organized email, content and social marketing strategies for subscription-based revenue models, paid programs, and product brands.

As an anthropology major, an environmental activist and marketing professional, her passions lay in creative problem solving, design, research and socio-environmental justice. A long-time animal lover, Kelly has also been vegetarian for 13 years and a vegan for 3 years.