Pledge to Give to Barn Sanctuary

Donations will be matched up to $25,000

Every Giving Tuesday we kick off the season of giving by encouraging friends, family and supporters of Barn Sanctuary to help empower and support our mission of creating a more compassionate world for farmed animals everywhere.

Farmed animals are the most abused group of animals on the planet. It’s time that the world begins to see them in a different light—to see them for the smart, hilarious, sensitive and life-enriching individuals they are.

At Barn Sanctuary we rescue, rehabilitate and care for farmed animal refugees. We educate the public about the horrific treatment of farmed animals raised and slaughtered by modern-day factory farms and the positive impact that a plant-based diet can have for the animals, the environment and our health. We envision a more compassionate world in which animals are seen as individuals, and treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Founded in 2016 by Dan McKernan and his father Tom McKernan, Barn Sanctuary is a refuge and safe place for farmed animals who have suffered injury, neglect, abuse or have rare medical conditions. We are also a safe place for those farmed animals with special needs or urgent medical conditions who would otherwise have no hope of surviving. We take them in, care for them and make sure they get their best chance at living a long and healthy life.

In two short years we have rescued 61 animals in need. In June 2018 we opened our doors to the public for the first time, and over the course of the next five months welcomed over 1,500 people to visit the sanctuary.

This year we built new pens inside the barns to house our increasing animal family. We built new coops so we could rescue birds in urgent need. We worked to rescue and re-home nearly 100 animals from a hoarding case and rescued 4 special needs animals. We also launched our first big fundraiser for a new pig barn so we can rescue more pigs in 2019, but we won’t stop there.

Next year we will build an education center and cow barn. We want to educate and provide crucial opportunities to see and connect with farmed animals to more people next year. We want to set better standards of care and create more fulfilled and enriched lives for our rescues.

We have a courageous and challenging vision, a committed and skillful team, and an inspiring family of animal rescues, but we can’t fulfill our mission or change lives without your help. Your support is what gives our organization wings to grow and hands to heal.

This Giving Tuesday we’re asking you to join our cause and to #Give2Barn. All donations made toward Barn Sanctuary on Giving Tuesday will be matched up to $25,000 by a private donor. We’re inviting you to double your impact and pledge your support today. 

Let us know we can count on your support this giving season!