Top Reasons Barn Sanctuary’s Co-founders Gives Thanks This Year

Dan McKernan

  1. I am thankful for all 564 of our donors who’ve donated in the last 5 months since we have become a 501c3. Barn Sanctuary wouldn’t have been able to rescue Cora and Henry and our soon to be residents with out their support.
  2. Thankful for Andrea and Kurt Fiegal for rescuing Cora and Henry from being auctioned off for slaughter. Cora and Henry’s presence at Barn Sanctuary has motivated us to work harder and longer to get up and running by Spring 2017.
  3. For my dad and co-founder of Barn Sanctuary, allowing me to use our family property as a safe haven and sanctuary for farm animals where they can live their lives to the fullest degree. Allowing us to educate the public on the effects of farm animals coming from farm factories.

Tom McKernan

  1. The opportunity to meet Henry and Cora and their sponsors who share your desire to help improve the plight of animals on “corporate” farms.
  2. Indirectly, giving me the motivation to refurbish McKernan Farm. While I say it is for making it worthy of the highest level of animal care for Barn Sanctuary (and it is certainly that), It also quenches a desire in me to improve the farm, make it viable, and be proud of the farm on which I was raised.
  3. Being such a “worthy” cause……. It brings together family (siblings), friends and new acquaintances in a common cause which benefits the participants, the animals and the community.

Thank you to everyone who supports our growing farm! We hope you have a wonderful holiday. 


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