New Miomojo & Barn Sanctuary Partnership

Barn Sanctuary is proud to announce our partnership with Miomojo – a cruelty-free line of designer goods dedicated to protecting our planet. Based in Italy, Miomojo is a vegan brand that designs high-quality and sustainable accessories. They are committed to shaping a kinder world through cool, well-designed products and supporting animal rescue efforts around the world while doing so!

Giving back is an integral part of what fuels and sustains Miomojo and they have selected Barn Sanctuary as one of their rescue partners. Simply select “Barn Sanctuary” upon checkout and 10% of their proceeds will do donated to us! It’s that easy!

From the beginning, it has been Miomojo’s main goal to support animals in need. Through beautiful and do-good design, we will create a kinder, cruelty-free world, together.

Watch as Dan and Marketing Manager Annette unbox some Miomojo goodness.

Select Barn Sanctuary at checkout and 10% of proceeds go to us! Cruelty-free fashion and support a sanctuary. Win-win. ☮

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