Meet Our First Residents, Cora and Henry!



We are very excited to welcome the first two residents of Barn Sanctuary – Cora and her pen mate, Henry. They arrived on the farm last weekend on Sunday, August 21st.

Cora – short for Corazon, named after the white shaped heart on her forehead – was born on a dairy farm. There she would have been expected to breed in order to make milk, and her calves would have been taken from her for either dairy or meat production. However, when the dairy farm realized Cora was a freemartin, meaning she would likely not be able to breed, she was put up for auction in an online school fundraiser where she was bid on to be processed for meat.

While bids were going up, the mother of a child who went to that school wanted to help save Cora’s life to show the kids that there is another future for cows besides being processed for meat. She created a fundraiser to help save enough money to buy the young calf. When the mother contacted us about rescuing Cora, we placed a joint bid on her and the rest is history. We’re now excited to introduce this lovely freemartin as the first resident of Barn Sanctuary!

We tried to rescue Cora’s twin brother with no luck. However, Cora shared a pen with another young calf – her bestie and pen pal – who we’re calling Henry.

Barn Sanctuary team members have been preparing the proper living arrangements for the two calves (live updates on Snapchat: @barnsanctuary) and working hard to give them a smooth moo-ve in. We are eager for their arrival and very grateful for the compassion of the mother who who contacted us about our new residents. Thank you to all of the founding donors and individual donations we’ve received to make Barn Sanctuary a peaceful home for Cora, Henry, and many others to come. What once was just an idea for an animal sanctuary has become a reality, and we’re looking forward to a bright future ahead.

Stay tuned to our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and blog for more updates as we welcome Cora and Henry to Barn Sanctuary!

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    Lucy Malone
    Aug, 24, 2016

    What a beautiful rescue. Awesomeness ♡.