Giving Stories: Chevy, Steve, Martin, Rose & Ruth

Rescue Stories That Inspire

The animals are what inspire us to remain dedicated to our cause. This November we share their stories with you and hope they inspire your #GivingStory.

Chevy was the first to hop off the trailer onto the grass at Barn Sanctuary this October. His other two amigos, Martin and Steve, followed right after. True to their cautious nature, Rose and Ruth took their time smelling our staff, touching their nose to our hands and looking around their new environment before jumping out.

The five animals had been together for a few months at that point and had experienced a traumatic event together. Earlier this summer they were packed tight into a trailer surrounded by other goats and sheep. The owners of the truck that pulled them decided to run from the police in what news stations later called a “high-speed chase,” goats and sheep in tow. The police caught the drivers and our five new rescues were among the lucky survivors. Not all of the other animals fared so well. Four of them were killed in the incident and many more were injured. The drivers were charged with over 80 offenses, including animal cruelty.

Young goats and sheep, new to the world, are curious, playful and brave. What a shocking revelation it must be for a young animal to experience trauma, pain and suffering so quickly… but it happens more often than not.

Goats and sheep are commonly used for meat, milk, wool and leather. They are subjected to routinely inhumane treatment and cruel industry practices. They often die young or live a tortured life in confinement and poor conditions.

For Chevy, Martin, Steve, Rose and Ruth, their life’s journey is just beginning. Arriving at Barn Sanctuary in October was the start of a new life. They have since been visited by a vet and cared for daily by our Animal Care staff.

Weeks after arriving, their personalities are finally lighting up in new sociable and silly ways. Steve, who once actively avoided humans, now approaches us, letting us scratch his neck. Like Steve, Ruth would also run from our staff when she first arrives. Now she approaches us letting her face fall gently into our hand when we pet her.

Barn Sanctuary is building a space for individual animals to thrive alongside humans as companions and friends, not commodities. Here you can witness how courageous, goofy, kind and sociable farm animals can be when they are treated with respect, consideration and love.

In honor of our our six new rescues, we ask you that you save the date this Giving Tuesday and set an intention to make their cause your #GivingStory.

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