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Barn Sanctuary Set to Launch New Kitchen Companion Meal Planner

New Plant-Based Meal Planner Scheduled to Launch April 8

Barn Sanctuary is scheduled to release our new plant-based meal planning software on April 8, 2019. The meal planner, entitled Kitchen Companion, is an online subscription-based tool that creates personalized, weekly plant-based meal plans for individuals and families alike!

The Kitchen Companion allows users to set up custom meal plan profiles based on their interests, preferences, cooking utensils and more. It gives users access to thousands of easy-to-make plant-based recipes. The Kitchen Companion also gives people on-demand help from food coaches 7 days a week, and includes a grocery feature that helps users save time & money at the store. The tool was designed to make plant-based eating easy, convenient and affordable.

Vegan Meal Planner Barn Sanctuary

Founder and President of Barn Sanctuary, Dan McKernan, explains that the reason for launching a new plant-based meal planner—as a farmed animal sanctuary—is to give everyone an easy, approachable and affordable way to make a difference with their choices. “We started Barn Sanctuary in 2016 to rescue as many farmed animals as possible. We want to empower and inspire everyone to make a positive impact for the animals as well! Eating plant-based is another great way to save hundreds of animals and better your health.”

We will be revealing recipes and exciting news on our social media channels leading up to the launch. Stay tuned!

The Kitchen Companion launches on April 8, 2019.

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