7 Online Vegan Chocolate Vendors

Where to Buy Vegan Chocolate Online

Can vegan chocolate be just as satisfying as the milk or dairy-based chocolates? Why yes it can and we know where to look for it. Buy delicious vegan chocolate from one of these online vendors.

No Whey! Chocolate

Do you like melt-in-your-mouth chocolate that comes in a variety of flavors and forms? No Whey Chocolate offers seasonal chocolate options for all your favorite holidays plus their own signature truffle collections. Vegan raspberry chocolate truffle exists, folks.

Rose City

Rose City sells Belgian artisan chocolates. Get excited because at Rose City you can find elusive vegan cherry cordials! They also sell creamy truffles, hazelnut favorites and seasonal goodies on this site.

Lagusta’s Luscious 

Bold flavor and artisan technique. This chocolate vendor sells chocolate for those of us looking to indulge in some savory specialty goods. Lagusta’s sells bark, boxes, bonbons and even ships in bulk.


This organic chocolate shop has it all. Want a tub of chocolate? They got you covered. How about a bag of vegan chocolate Easter eggs or white chocolate hearts? Assorted chocolates? It’s all there, and it’s all vegan.

Go Max Go

Candy bars galore. Stock up a variety of natural candy bars all dedicated to a beloved family dog. Peanut butter crunch, crisped rice, caramel chocolate, white chocolate… they have a bar for every taste bud.


Free2Be is a your go-to shop for chocolate bars, baking goods or every day chocolate snacks. They have thin crunchy chocolate snacks and peanut butter cups, plus your regular ol’ chocolate bars.

Equal Exchange

Simple, delicious and fair trade. Check out their variety of chocolate bars, mini bars and hot chocolate options.


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