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Each night at Barn Sanctuary we are gracefully reminded – when the sky is dark and the stars are shine bright – what it takes to turn something dark like the night sky into a bountiful display of glittering life: thousands of stars. Each star makes a difference, just like each donor makes a difference at Barn Sanctuary.

With your help we can all make a difference for hundreds and hopefully thousands of abused, neglected and victimized farm animals.

What Are Barn Stars?

Barn Stars are monthly sustainers and they are crucial to our success as a sanctuary. All Barn Star donations are monthly recurring donations that help sustain our sanctuary in various ways.

Barn Star Donations Cover:

  1. Animal Care: food, medical expenses, shelters, daily needs of the animals
  2. Rescue Missions
  3. Education & Outreach: all the community outreach and programs that help us share and achieve our mission

With your help we can save more farm animals like June, who was found abandoned and left to die in a barrel, suffering from pneumonia and eye infections. She was rescued and transported to Barn Sanctuary in 2016, where she is now healthy, happy and receiving the love and respect she deserves.


Become a Barn Star today and help us make a difference for more animals!

Barn Sanctuary Sustainer