About Adam

Adam was found off the freeway in the middle of a cold night in January 2017. He and his brother, both around 7-8 weeks old, jumped off a meat truck in Midland, Michigan. When the Humane Society found them, they were both suffering road rash and other injuries from the jump. We didn’t know how bad their injuries were until we got them examined by medical professionals. Sadly, Adam’s brother, Matt, suffered worse internal injuries and after emergency care, did not make it. After a dangerous leap off a truck and the loss of his brother, Adam is a lucky survivor. He will now spend the rest of his life here at Barn Sanctuary where he is free to roam, socialize and live happily.

Adam remains a brave, spirited soul who loves his new care crew at the sanctuary. He now shares a play pen with Penny, another piglet around his age in need of a friend. A social and playful duo, these two love bathing in their mud pool, getting belly and face rubs, feeding time (of course) and playing with their human friends.

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